Experience a story that sets off somewhere in the Middle Ages and thereafter takes the main character on a journey of opposites both physically and emotionally ...

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01. The Dragon's Entrance
This fight endures for several days now. Wounded and tired I'm wandering around.. IONIDES' 3rd legion has weakened, only the brave and strongest remain. Every attack gives me more strenght and the urge for victory grows. "Scream ... for your gods have forsaken you ... Bleeding ... facing your agony". Soldiers prepared to die for the good cause. Promised eternal glory, but reality is harsh and cold. I prepare for a heavy clash. Hopefully the last attack ... I am so filled with anger ... I crush the royal guards with my claws and welcome them with a spit of fire. Some fight back, others accept their fate. XANDRES, the supreme warrior ghost, awaits the lost souls with open arms. Some retrait in the woods. The sky clears out ... a battlefield remains ... weeds drained with blood, black mud littered with casualties, both man and animal. I lick my wounds ... A counterattack coming out of the woods ... catapults with fire torches, rain of arrows ... Scald. Slay. Maim. Grind. Pound. Burn. Eviscarate. Crush. The time has come to reclaim the sky.
02. The Wanderer
It is a dark Novembers' eve when ZIOUX descides to lead his legions over the UGDOR hills. In the early morning, it's lightning that enlights the plains in front of GIOXX' caves. The sound of thunder can't disguise the trotting of more than 1000 soldiers on horses. They're preparing themselves "mentally" for the "final battle" . Red-black clothing with royal emblem give the cavalry the feeling of invincibility. In the mean time, ILLUPIRA wakes up because of the rumuors. Heavily struck by the last battle, she notices a very threatening red sky with flashes of white to violet light and the buldering of the thunder gives her a bad feeling. The black-red army selects position and is ready to rumble. ZIOUX gives the signal to start and leads many into agony. All equipement is used to destroy the last dragon. ILLUPIRA's blood colors the river black and all who drink from it is poisened. Fireballs change bodies into ashes. The Royal emblems melt like ice for the sun. Heavily wounded ILLUPIRA leaves the bloodred battlefield. A dark cyclone sucks her away, while she wonders why she's here. What is her fate? The thunderstorm arrives ... lightning guides her to places she has never been before. Her dragonshape turns into fluid mercury and suddenly she feels very lonely ...
03. Thade Planet
The environment heats up and I eventually transform into a toxic gas cloud. By a black mist it is impossible to perceive visually. The atmosphere radiates a threat transformed into electrical impulses. I'm trapped in a wheel of stimuli that put my state of mind to the test. Constant soundwaves attract me like sirens. It is a frequency that makes me feel good. After some time I follow a sinusoid with deafening frequencies as extremes. A mixture of opium seizes over my being. I feel light and my visual perception is gradually coming back. A short flash with spectrum of light leads me to a jumble of phenomena. I am being sucked in by a red fluid mixed with black streamers that grab me. At high speed I am pulled down. Spiraling I am included in the red pulp. I find myself between amorphous figures and think of myself almost as the perfect object. I enormously expand in size and become more sophisticated. A dark energy provides a colorful event and I take everything in me.
04. Vacuum
05. Embarque ...
There is no going back. The EXPLORIA is the pinnacle of technology. The search for other dimensions has led to phenomenal triumphs. Everything is known on a single object: ODAXIDOS. This mission is one of the most daring. It is the only place in DUPLOR that reveals nothing. All the energy seems to go there. Chances are that we will not return. The 100-year journey takes its toll. I am the only one remaining on board approaching the beacon of ZOOIXAR. As of now everything is unknown. Suddenly I come in a color rain that brings with it enormous heat. The pressure is increasing ... purple, yellow, red, blue slurries make me spin. The pressure and heat are unbearable. I become one with the slurries and am being sucked away. Everything flashes, rotates, ... what is reality? My perception is declining ... everything becomes black.
06. XiSphere
The outer gate of DUPLOR has something magical. It consists of thousands of rings formed by emulsions of blue and orange substances. Everything is new here. There are no memories and thoughts, only thousands of particles in various forms. Some resolve to stick together and others coagulate like me. Whenever there is mass added, my knowledge increases. I try to make contact, but nothing appears to "exist" here or can be manipulated. Growing awareness that particles that actually disappear are links to other shapes and forms. It is impossible for me to unravel. A vast amount of turbulence. The bigger I get, the sooner I start to spin. It is unbearable. The outside pressure is so great that I feel the end is near. Violet Blue arrows make themselves master of my sight. I feel that I slip into a sea of noise and chaos. The last thing I perceive is a fluorescent yellow ball.
07. Cosmic Light Horizon
Thousands of bulbs fill the atmosphere where I am. The liquid metal burns everywhere. I am immersed and perished with pain. I am taken care of by MEGADIEZ. She tells me that the worst is over. My armor protects me against acid and toxic gases. We are transported to an open spot in this city of towers. Liquid rings, we are chained together. I feel a "cosmic connection". She gives me a peaceful feeling. Even though I can't see her face, I know this is what I've been waiting for. Now I wish time stood still. Suddenly we are taken to the heart of the city. Along spirals up and down, we enter a room filled with a delicious aroma. Slowly the armor melts away. I never saw such a perfect being. She comes to me and welcomes me with a warm embrace. "I am one of ZINA's descipels . She is DRUDIS' most powerful nymph. My mission is to reveal the mystery of FIZER." She is looking for DRAZL, the wise council you find by solving the mystery of WISDOM and PLEASURE. Through the market place we come to an alley where we get to know each other better. It feels like we've known each other for years. After some time, a hologram appears and tells us that we can take the flow to OOT, where the mystery will be presented. MEGADIEZ appears well prepared, because she knows the journey will take several months. She takes my hand and we start to run. At the end of the alley we see a blue glow. Suddenly I notice that we are in a capsule. This blue area emphasis MEGADIEZ' beauty even more. We have a blessed time together. The months go too fast. MEGADIEZ loads data for the last time and passes it on to me through her mouth. The gateway to OOT is enormous. Through a lapis lazuli blue sea, we arrive at COGNIS. There we find the 9 pieces of the riddle and finally solve it. A lift brings us to DRAZL. She says that us being together stops here. She gives me a tube with instructions and tells me to use them if I find the equipement printed on the paper. With a cut, they are both gone. I'm mixed up for a moment and suddenly I see guards around me and I'm being chained.
08. Differing Dimensions
Shackled with digital locks, we are transferred to RANDOM4, better known as the place where you never can be yourself. The smell in the cargo is unbearable and the tears flow abundantly through the irritation in the eyes. Arrived in groups of 4 we are led away. First we go through a toxic bath, then with cold air blown off. Then immersed in a hot bath, delicious after the last torment. As many as seven guards accompany me to a room for the time coming. Everything is available. I just can't control anything. Food refusal is not an option, because it is injected with the necessary medication. I feel my ability to think slipping away. It is always painful to think and remember. Whenever I think back to the blessed time at MEGDOR4Z, I always get electric shocks or are exposed to loud obnoxious frequencies. I am in for a few dozens of 10-year torture. The area has lost all its color. Only gray, black and white are still bearable for my eyes, colors are blinding . Every day something will change ... weightlessness, hot, cold, loud, quiet ... all extremes are reviewed. My body is exhausted by the extremes. I feel I'm heading towards a climax. A lock opens in the room. With my last strength I crawl there. I'm facing a huge abyss ... it seems to attract me. The chamber is being locked ... The red mist grabs me and I can not resist. The fall takes forever ...
09. Zero Energy
Red mist created from a 1000 seas where 100's of spheres develop, go their own way. Rc6-x3 is by far the largest and attracts my attention. I follow her path. I cross planets, galaxies of all caliber. Once passed TRONNA the atmosphere turns into a vast cloud and I am surprised by the radiation and heat that this entails. The outer nebula waves are like tentacles and grab whatever is nearby. It's like a desperate soul in a cliff fall attempting to grab anything without recognizing that it drags everything into the unknown. Similarly, I get caught, but soon realize that my energy towards a specific void ables to achieve a balance. This is reassuring for the feeling to be completely drained, but leads only to resist. This only creates more energy and makes the emptiness even greater and stronger. This allows them to record even more and I get into a downward spiral.
10. Ionizer
It's FLUX which awakens me with her beautiful golden locks. They immediately throw heat. After 300 star years everything awakened and it seems that the next cycle will be a special one. Everything suggests that change is imminent. The state of MINA and ISARI is unusual. All infrared bridges have been interrupted. Everyone stands alone because without communication, the further development of the community can not continue. Many people throw themselves into the vast DROZION sea where photons are converted into liquid light that expands and swallows everything near it. Hundreds are trying to reach FRYMO. This is a risky journey. The path is only taken by a few and no one ever came back. It seems the only way, for the myth says that you can go there in situations of emergency. There are many casualties because the tunnels are filled with BRIGGA, yellow clouds of gas in your lungs that turn into lizards and devour you from the inside. I crawl into a niche that gives me access to LUMN, an intergalactic flow that I know from a previous cycle. If all goes well, that brings me quickly to W03, the nearest moon of FRYMO . I can find some time to stay there but I find TEMPOR, the key to time/dimension travelling. The only problem is that without the key code, TEMPOR itself determines where you'll end up. I have no choice than to activate te TEMPOR like DRAZL instructed me. A severe shock does my body burst into a thousand structures. The TEMPOR decides when and where I am.
11. Beyond the Mind
I can not grasp what happened. It seems as if there are no boundaries. How do things happen? Why am I here? Does everyone experience the same things? I feel like a chameleon who adapts everywhere. Am I part of a larger whole? Every gate that I pass closes forever. Are the gates infinite? Is there one last gate?
12. The Tempor Code
It is over 500 crynadoncycli that TEMPOR makes me wander. Nearby DROXIA, a huge crowd has gathered. Everyone is scanned and I'm in a room with all kinds of unprecedented technology. Here I find the code for the TEMPOR. It allows me to decide where I travel. MEGADIEZ told me that many, using this code, end up with a one way ticket to GROLFI where everything ends. I do not know what's coming and decide to test the TEMPOR. What will happen if I put the code in another place than here? A long time nothing happens. I'm trying to figure out a way to meet MEGADIEZ. I assume that she also travels with the TEMPOR. There are different creatures inside, but apparently I'm invisible and am not noticed by them. Was there someone with me the moment I took the TEMPOR?

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