In order of appearence ...

IONIDESUpper commander of medieval legion
XANDRESSupreme warrior ghost/spirit you have to pass on your journey to SPIRITONIA
ZIOUXArmy general - lot of victories on his record
UGDORRegion known as hiding place for dragons and lizards - mountainous
GIOXXEnormeous plain in Ugdor
ILLUPIRAInvincible dragon
THADE PLANETPlanet surrounded by black fog; atmosphere consists of electric pulses; extreme frequencies and sounds; opium comes from the fluid red center with black veils. Black energy reigns.
EXPLORIAGalactical vessel; very high technology on board; one of the most important ships in the discovery of several different dimensions
ODAXIDOSMost outer place in Duplor; unknown - only vague images; part of Zooixar
DUPLORVirtual cosmos where different communities/life forms live;
ZOOIXARNebular at the edge of Duplor; known for color rains, high pressure and heat
XISPHEREOuter gate of Duplor
MEGDOR4ZSinister environment - built out of thousants of spheres from which acid and liquid alloys leak - wearing a harness is necessary
MEGADIEZDeciple of Zina
ZINAMost powerful/mighty nimph of Drudis
DRUDISUnknown place where nimphs live
FIZERMystery - probably issued in the next Bellator concept
DRAZLWise Council
OOTIntergalactic library - mystical place, only wise, developped creatures and object live here
COGNISThe heart, main sphere of OOT
RANDOM4Prison - no self control; no ability to think or reflect
TRONNAPlanet - known for it's absolute structure - beyond Tronna you find the Unknown
FLUXStar - 1000 times bigger then our sun - directs the cycle time of the outer part of the Black Whole
MINA - ISARISatellites nearby Frymo
DROZIONSea that transfers photons into liquid light
FRYMOImmense Planet - the Legend tells that those who make it over here turn into a dark tranquility
BRIGGAYellow clouds of gas in your lungs that turn into lizards and devour you from the inside
LUMNAn intergalactic flow
W03Frymo's closest sattelite
TEMPORThe key to time/dimension travelling
DROXIATechnology and information center
GROLFIEnd point of everything ... no way back

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