Bellator was formed in July 1995. The first line-up consisted of Tony (drums), Bart (bass), Gunnar (guitars), Dimitri (guitars) and Christophe (keyboards). Tom joined the band later on, taking care of the vocal parts.
A little over a year later (August 1996) Dimitri left and was replaced by Guy. During a nerve-wrecking weekend of recording and mixing in Studio Midas (Lokeren) the first demo "Praise the Mighty Thor" was ready to be unleashed. As a first step, this recording wasn't perfect music-technically, but a great production meant everything. A lot of positive reactions followed and it seemed to be the start of a very promising future.
Bellator was put to the test for the first time in the autumn of 1997, when Christophe left the band and Tom also decided to quit. Henceforth, the keyboards were played by Nele and David became the new singer. Meanwhile, the Dutch label Polar Bear Records and Bellator signed an agreement to re-release the demo. The latter chose to renew the name of this gem and the mini-album "Fluxional" saw the light. And so, Bellator played as much gigs as they could serving only one purpose: to reach as many people as possible.
In December of 1998, two new members joined the band: Bart (keyboards) and Andy (vocals). Due to different reasons altogether, Bart (Bass) also left and Gunther made his entrance.
In January 2000 the recording of the second mini "Opaque Reveries" was scheduled. Again Studio Midas suited just fine and the production was supervised by Ozzy McDrake. After the release in April fans and magazines again critisized this piece of work in a very uplifting way and this resulted among other things in a satisfying performance at the renowned EuroRock festival in Neerpelt.
Afterwards the writing of new material was initiated and as a first result of these efforts Bellator recorded the track "Dawn of Extinction" during a three day's studio session. This song was released before spring 2001 in the shape of an uncut MP3-file on the band's website and as a promotional "single-on-demand".
The fact that Bellator and Tony (drums) were heading towards different horizons also became indisputable clear. From than on the drumsticks were handled by Gino. After a while Bart (keyboards) decided to leave the band. He was replaced by Kostas (Pantheist) and the next album "Iridescence" was recorded at Guy's "loft". After these recordings the band decided to split due to differences in style and goals of the band.
March 2010, Gunnar decided that the time had come to do something with Bellator. Except for Kostas, all former members were not interested because they are too busy with other projects or are not into music anymore. New material is written during the summer and together with some older stuff from just after the split 12 new songs are ready for recording. These recordings are almost ready and will be added to the website soon. The urge to play live grows and the quest for musicians reflect in Jan (bass), Herwig (keyboards) and Katrien (vocals).

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